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Teeth Whitening

Image by Lesly Juarez

Bleaching gel is all-natural, plant-based, and FDA-approved. A combination of this strong gel, heat, and light is used to speed up and intensify the whitening process. You will see immediate results- but it magnifies over 48 hours. 

Treatment time is 75 minutes, and your teeth will whiten 5-20 shades with one session. This treatment will remove stains and discoloration. It will also remove stains from dental implants and veneers,  but will only restore them back to their original color. Results will typically last up to one year based off your dental hygiene and dietary habits. Whitening is recommended every 6-12 months once you reach preferred whiteness. To maintain and decrease staining Pristine Whitening Toothpaste is available for purchase.

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